Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Negative vs Positive Emotions #145

We see a stream, is there anything positive or negative about its flow from where it comes to where it goes?  Even if there is death and suffering in the stream, there is no change of its content or action.  It remains energy, not a choice.  The conditioned mind will find reason to choose which (positive or negative emotions) are taking place within a given circumstance, thereby, limiting itself to choice.  For example; I won money, this is positive emotions, then I lost it, this is a negative emotion.  I’m in love, positive, we divorced, negative.  The thought, via circumstance, makes a choice which emotion will dictate a positive or negative response; it’s to my/me/mine advantage, positive, and when it is not, negative.  The body doesn’t recognize positive/negative thought, but it does react to what the mind tells it to within a circumstance; which is advantages or apart of my ego and image etc.  In looking at this action, we see how we want to believe there are positive/negative emotions to justify ourselves/action/point of view, but this is not clarity, nor does it remove the pain, anxiety of division of choice.  Observe, positive is just as divisive or painful as negative when it turns on itself—we fall in love and get married then get a divorce.  It turns on itself, this positive to negative.  It’s important to see how emotion can turn destructive as well as constructive, and equally so to understand its source is thought, circumstantially. As the river, positive and negative only emerge and divide when there is a blockage or divergence of its form, it does nothing to its content or source.  Just a Thought

Monday, September 29, 2014

Seems so Normal #144

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t lock my doors and windows at night?” Or “We don’t have curtains on our windows.”  I experienced that in Holland, as I walked through a neighborhood—the observation proved a level of effects pervasive throughout their society, which were limited.  For me, the contradiction was immediate, as my social reality rose in that moment.  However, to them, it seemed normal--I can hear them say, why would it be any different?  But my social reality/ego would say, “But aren’t you fearful of who might look in?”  Of course, they’ll say, “No.”  Again. Once in Italy, some friends and I wanted to travel up to our cabin, but the snowy mountain road and ice made it impossible.  My two German hosts and I walked to the first home at the base of the mountain—we needed to unload/store skies etc. from the car while it parked over night.  A little old woman opened the door without hesitation, heard our plight and immediately offered sanctuary four our belongings until the following morning.  My mind was so socially contradicted; an old woman alone, opening the door at night to strangers, wasn’t she afraid?  Thankfully, no.  But this was my world, where fear and violence are “normal”.  We can only react to the conditioning were exposed to, it would be a further anxiety or fear to deny this action.  See if for what it is, accept it, watch it and let it go.

Interesting, this old woman never had it to let go of.  It was wonderful to have this glimpse of myself, for it is now everlasting.  She made me aware of what I’d been unconscious unaware of socially, as a Being.  Think on that.  Since then, I’ve turned my “normal” into for her “normal”, without hesitation, concern or fear.  That is normal, to be without it. JustaThought