Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just a Thought—The Cry for Now

 Let’s be clear, it is not your fault the way things are in the world.  Yet, we are a mirror of it, the perpetuators of it—fault is no longer relevant.  Sure, you didn’t do anything to cause someone to build weapons, have a bad attitude, hurt others, lie, cheat on their partner, believe in Heaven and Hell, go to War, justify a hanging by a court order, steal, hate, bully someone etc.  But who’s fault is it if we do nothing in the face of this awareness?  If you are reading this Now you are searching for, hopefully, not answers for whom to turn to, rather clarity of the conditions which are stated above.  You want to understand the workings of the mind which is you, the individual, the friend, enemy or lover.  You want to see how to function with these illusions of grandeur and self-delusion.  Because you see how dangerous we’ve become to our existence and understand placing blame is not clear thinking.  You want to help cure what ails us, to stop the bullying, war, thievery etc.  The Ego likes to think “Nothing is wrong with me” “I didn’t cause this.”  So, thinks the mind of the individual which is disconnected with the whole, unconcerned with itself and others.  “It’s not my problem,” they say.  How untrue--for the very words ‘Cry for the Now’, the escape, cure, relief, vitality and clarity of existence.  It is all Now.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Just a Thought—Cure vs Help

If we’re afflicted with something then it’s possible to reverse the cause by seeking help, applying those teachings to cure an ailment.  But look close, they are not of the same origin.  Be aware, help does not spring from a cure whereas a cure can help to cure.  It is finished, over and shall not return or was never there at all.  Perhaps the mind imagined it needed help, found that help, but it didn’t cure which is the cycle of delusion of the self or ego.  For example; if you lied to someone and told yourself to stop, are you cured or need more help?  You see the mind/ego/you will continue telling itself that it is no longer a “liar” but a “good person who made a mistake” and is now cured, but one is not cured if one needs incessant reminding.  There is doubt in this voice-of-apprehension or fear that it will occur again.  One needs more “help” in this scenario which is temporary.  So, one continues to remind oneself of how to behave without understanding/observing the ever making/circumstances of a lie or actions of ego/time.  To be cured is to live outside of that voice/ego/time.  Deeply rooted is the cure “help” is lacking.  In order to cure the liar within, we must see and become the cure.  How else do we help others to rise to this path eternal? JustaThought

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Coincidence of Aging#142

It just so happens, the mind is conditioned in a perpetual cycle of events; exposure, memory and desires of the future.  That is to say there is a beginning, middle and end.  I'm not an expert in Science, Medicine, or Physics, I can only claim the awareness within us to write this.  But it occurs to me, the 'coincidence of aging' and this conditioned cycle are synonymous in that the association with dying, illness and deteriorating health is at the "end" of that cycle.  Both are dying within each other. How is it, nutrition isn't apart of that equation?  If an organism isn't feed naturally for 60 to 90 years then the "end" is justified, the body collapses in this environment which replaces natural nutrition for artificial.  Now suppose this same body never had exposure to artificial food, air, structure etc.?  The outcome or "end" would not exist because where would the influence or conditioning arise from?  The "coincidence" is that the conditioned mind will always come to a conclusion with its ideas and images to justify "aging" which associates with those bodily and mind symptoms which are dying. The association is creating the image of what "old" is and not the fact of its own deterioration by the lack of nutrition or clear rational.  Nutrition is a vital fuel governing thought, the mind and body.  If we study something that is already dirty then the beginning, middle and end will be dirty.  Is it just a coincidence, babies are born with the afflictions of the old? JustaThought