Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Long Life #140

We often hear "I want to live a long life" before understanding the quality of the living around us. To want this and want that implies it must be given to us by society at some point.  It is natural to live with other humans, this is not the issue, but other humans can have a negative effect on the quality of living, not life.  Living is action, Life is a goal or conclusion.  As you read this, you are living, nothing else.  Only when the mind is caught "wanting a long life" is it trapped searching and needing to have a long life.  Why Long?  What is wrong with a short life if there is no conflict, violence or division?  Nothing, because the irony is you'd never question a life-of-duration.  You'd already be connected.  Watch!  The mind is conditioned in a progressive state which tells us 'we're young and have a lot of life in front of us, so get started living your life.'  "Your life" is an isolating statement, meaning we're alone in our endeavors, dreams and goals, but look close, you're not connected with anything.  How are you going to live a long life without being connected with existence?  What's missing is life itself, the source, not the idea or goal.  By Life, I mean that which is unrelated to time, away from the minds delusions of start-middle and end chit-chat.  From the very beginning were told "you" do this and that, "you" better get started.  So now were running out of time which is anxiety while the clock ticks down on our long life.  The quality of living comes in question as our living is in to doubt.  Doubt when the mind questions is present state which is trying to figure out how to reach its goals outside of itself or ego.  Step back, watch, create space in which to observe 'life without time', that is your worry and sorrow free long life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a Thought—Individual#2

Again, how is it possible to be an Individual?  As we share this experience we often hear how “We want to understand how other people think” which is ourselves.  “How” others think is “how” we think—this is a shared activity.  Are we not sharing the same education, history, desires, sorrow etc.?...No, not on a superficial level where definition, division, knowledge and justification take place, but at the root consciousness.  Where we interpret and understand our environment in order to exist and function.  Why would “thought” and “consciousness” not be shared?...Because the unaware unconsciousness mind  will define itself as an Individual and keep its distance, and why?   Do many of us go into such a question to the end without falling back on our beliefs in defeat?  We must go to the end of the road to discover what’s there and not just rely on our belief of what’s there.  Yes, there are varying words to express a cultured past, yet the human experience retains a core which is the eternal root.  And everything has a single root which all things mythical and factual spring from.  If two individuals drink for the same well, do they both not taste water?  This is a shared experience, not an individual choice.   With our hands we dip into the same well, scoop the same water and quench the same thirst.  Sharing is not a distant thing; it is close, near, real, life and evolution.