Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just a Thought—Doubts Meaning

We struggle with the “meaning of things”, what they mean to us is how we behave, act, attack, love, desire, pray, die, give birth etc.  What something means is very important to our culture, race, nation, faith, afterlife etc.  We see this because without it, then what?  What do we live for and respond to but its meaning?  We believe it means something and we, thereby, hold on to it, secure and comfort our lives, but “meaning” is merely held captive by doubt.  Doubt that without it life looses purpose, direction and meaning.  How is that so without the image and ego first being eradicated from within?  Doubt has to be understood and observed for it to be non-existent or come to an end—there must be clarity to view and end to doubt.  What is doubt but a moment of hesitation, a thought telling us to reevaluate the situation, person, area, region, faith, god, village, animal etc.? There is doubt in hesitation which is an unrealized perception of fear which carries meaning.  We’ve all hesitated at someone’s features, clothing, race, faith, choice etc.  This is a subconscious response being played out on the conscious level, and cleverly disguised as well.  Most don’t look that close to see it rising from within or in others.  The egoic human being cannot function without a sense that a life fostered has direction, meaning and purpose.  Our present world order is testament.  But how is sorrow and conflict created?...With or without “meaning?”  JustaThought

Monday, September 8, 2014

Just a Thought--Content

Is the delusion of who you think you are, just that?  Are you who you think you are because of the collective content within?  This is a real question to be aware of because what if you have yourself all wrong or right?  Isn’t that the struggle for most?  To be direct, it isn’t a matter of right and wrong, but of identifying with “you” and who you think you are.  Is that possible?  Of course, because there is something more than the limits of “you” or “me”.  Take this test--when someone insults you or something you believe, value, desire or have, do you react?  Does the mind say something?  This is identifying with "you", the reaction is "you" reacting verbally or physically.  It really doesn't matter if it was praise or otherwise.   You see, something constructed on shallow or fragile ground or content will react or wobble in its foundation.  A solid and rooted foundation would not react because it is whole.  Are we satisfied with the reflection in the mirror, the way we look, talk, believe, complements and desire etc.?  Is that the delusion?—that we come to conclusion?  Example—where did your name come from?  It could be any number of a hundred thousand, but your parents chose the one you identify with—the same with everything about you—content.  And how is one aware of it without identification?  As we know hot water from cold--one must separate the two in order to observe it.  Simple.  How can something unconscious awaken from delusion and content?  A question is a great start because it expresses the awareness to awaken for ones long unconscious sleep with content.