Friday, September 5, 2014

Just a Thought--A Grain of Rice

Just a Thought—A Grain of Rice

A single grain of rice is of no notice; makes no fuss, draws no attention until called upon by circumstance.  In regions of the world, it feeds many mouths collectively nourishing and quelling commotion.  This grain is often called upon in prayer, reveled at mass, meditated upon at its consumption and planting.  So quickly its tinier can pass—a once full straw bowl, burlap sack, paper bag or cupped hand soon runs empty and the search begins anew.  A single grain of rice might be the last of its kind, yet when buried in rich soil spouts its abundance for the hungry and deserving.  Still, the single grain of rice is often pushed aside where abundance lives; stuck to the bottom of a hurried shoe, floor, lying abandoned at the mill, mixed into the dirt to be buried forever in a stained dump site. Abundance gives rise to waste and neglect and soon the grain has value again as quickly as it diminished. A single grain of rice has many faces all over the world, but no one goes around collecting them one by one, day by day in order to fill a single bowl for a single meal for a single family?  It’s just a single grain of rice, right?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reconcile with Death#138

Death in the material is the ending of something the mind has grown attached to.  We think we love someone or something and become attached and can't live without it.  However, we lived fine before we were attached.  Interesting.  We find something to live with and realize as we want more than what it is after a time, then we suddenly can't live without it as it departs.  The ego is temporary, you see, it is quickly bored and troubled by its acceptance of the artificially structured which is what it is. A structure which will at some time die to be reborn with someone or something else.  Everyone has a friend or thing that is no more in their lives.  We had a friend or thing that was supposed to last for every--that's how we felt when it happened upon us.  It was never supposed to be replaced, we have grown attached to it, invested money, time and plans.  But no matter how much we loved, argued and prayed for its resuscitation in our lives, it passed away into the dark of day.  Stop!  Do we put as much effort in putting to death the minds ego body as we do acquiring this death?  Are we aware we're attracting death in our lives?  Watch what is hurting, harming, polluting, threatening, delusion, conflict etc. and you see them--death.  You quickly see and reject them in others, but the ego won't let us see them in ourselves, that's them not me.  Not "me" the creator of this death.  Once we reconcile with death, meaning to see how we acquire the fuel for the flame of death we've made a movement towards its destruction.  Just seeing it, is the beginning of that death without the conflict and sorrow. Rest is assured, as you will live on with an easy about you without the company of death. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Modern Relationship#15

Just a Thought—
I have an issue with the ‘modern relationship’ which cripples me from getting into them as much as I would like to.  That sounds vague, but let me explain.  Let’s say I live in a village or farm and have never known a ‘modern relationship’, what is that relationship then?  What is a relationship when all of our egotistical and socially esoteric views are non-existent or non-licet in the relationship?  We see there are no motivations towards monopolizing property, seeking money, success, power, comfort, desire, religions etc. to the extent we retaliate on each other if the relationship struggles or ends.  Of course, these traditional forms are quietly in the village as well, but of a non-coercive nature—those nature based traditions of culture don’t consume the village and spread. However, in contrast, the ‘modern relationship’ has become poisonous with competition; where rules, tradition, expectation and desire override the long-term basic human dignity.  That’s the making of a deal, not a lasting relationship of trust.  A village relationship is simple and direct where a cow has more value than the making of the relationship, the land, air and sky as well.  Where all assumptions of a relationship are foreign and never in danger of being spoken--they just are.  JustaThought2go