Saturday, August 30, 2014

Solid Footing#14

Just a Thought—
Does it occur during our daily routines, if our concept and understanding of the world we have created is on solid ground?  Is it stable?  We live the violence and conflict.  Is it rooted and grounded as not to topple over or become unstable?  Because what is the root of society?  From what origin do our actions spring?...Ideals, fear, stagnation, progress or faith?  Whatever we call it, it’s between our ears, a function of the mind or brain.  Yes? Does it matter what we call it? Not at all, because no matter, we fundamentally respond and believe in it to some extent or we cannot function during the day.  Are we then observant and aware of how fear is the main cause of the fluctuation in our actions?—one minute it is good, acceptable and the next wrong and rejected.  This action happens millions of times a day.  You see, when billions of people make a decisions at the same time, it becomes a phenomenon, like going to work and all the traffic, looking for food etc.  We live and function this way; it’s very simple, almost childlike, but still a form of reality.  Still, thought, can we say our lives are in a solid, grounded or firmly rooted reality?  Because we have to wonder that thought, which is transferred from one person to another and constantly moving, does it not lead to instability?...Like a boat on the restless ocean?  JustaThought2go

A System of Science#136

Science is a systematic study of elements which seems to struggle with the most basic incident, that which is fact and truth.  Which is which requires a look past mere definition or past achievements. We see that Truth is historically man-made, power, coercive, corrupt, controlling and very illusive in that realm.  What peaceful motivation comes from this?  One must ask if Science works on an unbiased level of openness, or rooted in fact?  This is poignant to see.  Many times we rush to stand behind our sense of truth and what it means to us, not what it is and whence it comes.  We hear that fact is often coupled with truth--they do not come from each other.  The fact is, the ground is hard, it can, thereby, be called a truth but not the other way around for then it initiates from a corrupt place and never grows into a fact.  Fact stands alone, is rooted in something as illusive as the beginning to a circle, therefore uncoverable as Science struggles to prove.  Science has its place but for only a select few, not the whole. The difficulty with science lies in its self-induced interpretations of truth and fact and its underlying goal for power.  If there are those who see clearly and observantly the nature of fact from truth then the reply to this will show a cooperation with the whole and not an antagonistic view.  JustaThought2go

Absence of Thought#13

Just a Thought--
Suppose the thing that "thinks" it thinks isn't there guiding you through your life; making choices, decisions, remarks, forming habits etc.  What if all that you are, all you've accumulated, desired, regretted, wished etc. was absent?  What has taken place if one day you awoke to this spaciousness of mind?  What happened?  It would appear all of your questions and self-study have revealed the facts unto yourself.  You have pierced the darkness laden thoughts we are plagued with to transcend from Observed to Observer.  Your fears of this and that have revealed a total fear, not fragments as you once believed.  You suddenly understand a bad man or woman, a child can now be tolerated, you understand the terrorist, the thief, power, desire, God, Love, illusion etc.  Now what?  Nothing, you continue as before; questioning, letting go of the origins of your search, letting go of reaction, your past self.  Now you are not alone, and there is no more noise.  Finally, forever.  JustaThought2go

Friday, August 29, 2014

Echos of Thought#11

Just a Thought--
Whatever you think is violent, ugly, conflict, division, fearful, unwanted, bad, creepy, scary, isolated, unnerving, in bad taste, deafening, repulsive, detested, nasty, stupid, filthy, etc.  Remember, these traits are mere echos of thought turned into images.  Do not fear them, for they now are at rest in our friends, family members, strangers or ourselves.  Identify with them because at any moment they may rise to the surface and challenge your understanding of them.  Do not fear them for they are in your brother and sister of human kind.  Be aware, it is better to see them in the light of understanding then to have them visit in our darkest hour.  JustaThought

No Individualism#10

Just a Thought-- 
How can I possible come up with the observance that we are not the "individuals" we think we are?  How can this possibly be such a social and individual concept and excepted rational?  Of what purpose is it doing us socially to see ourselves unique to the variables of human conditioning?  Think of it--have you every questioned it or have you always defended a belief or value?  Ask yourself now.  It's never too late to start.  And who does one go to for approval of individuality?  See it this way--if you're reading this you learned English via those who already read, wrote and spoke it.  Now, its clear we share this social method of convey information via teaching, then how is it possible "Individuality" did NOT follow this same path?  When we're aware of this fact, our "I" world becomes our "we" world.  Just a Thought

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Observant#9

Just a Thought--
How observant are we?  As you converse with family and friends, are you and they aware of the present?  Yes, what is happening is "present", but are we aware of the distance between what we say and it's social reality? For instance; are we living what we say or just saying it?  It's a big question, I know, but in the moment as you talk, this distance can be realized without knowledge or belief etc.  But just by understanding the creation of illusions. If you could see how you were being fooled or tricked by someone, wouldn't you avoid it?  Sure you would, you'd probably call them on it immediately, but we can only avoid it if we understand disillusionment because illusions come and take hold silently and in disguise within friendships and family without that intent. It can be like spotting someone in the dark who you think is a friend, one is never sure until there is light.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hearing Freedom#135

Have you witnessed a mind that is free of itself?  Free of all that is confusing, sorrowful, desirous, hateful, faithful and so forth?  It is something we can hear as someone speaks?  How is it heard?  You’ve heard a Preacher speak without actually seeing them—there are words, phrases and a tone in which to identify with.  What might we say when we hear it depends on ones ongoing discoveries as you function and question from day to day. What happens in that moment as you hear it?  We must be watchful and sensitive.  Does it not find its way down to the center of you which is everywhere?  We readily hear the voice of acceptance but not the voice of rejection.  Do we see how we block one and not the other?  If one is to hear freedom one must simple let them both flow without manipulation.  Simply identify with them.  Is this not an action of connection, a coming together and a moment of eternity?  One must be watching in order for it to flow within and throughout--there can't be a hindrance, judgment or barriers of any form.  So often we hear and retain all the noise of thoughts decisions, rights and wrongs and fail to hear with clarity freedoms silent song.  It is there.  It is like blocking a stream to limit its power, vitality and purpose; we are no different. We are blocked and can no longer witness or hear freedom--it is all around us.  Look at a baby--is that not total freedom?  They are pure clarity as they watch and take-in everything around them.  Listen, for there are clear distinctions upon the arrival of a connection—first it must be sought after and second recognized.  It will not come to us.  Listen.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just a Poem--"This Newness"

There is a light in the sky of existence,
Abound in this abode of life,
Abundant in its trickery and folly
As quick as the star racing across the false sky,
A flicker of nothing in the internal abyss,
What to do in such empty space?
What to do with the newness, this foreignness of life?
The heart is wounded on this rare path,
Confusion a menace as we run as if owed a dept,
See our this newness.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Foreign is a Word #134

What are words but a tool in which to use to express our inner conflicts and desires?  They crawl around our minds moving back and forth with every social situation possible.  And in that moment they elude to an image or concept of a human functioning in a given environment.  How are they practical in nature?  Of what use are they among the trees, rivers, mountains and landscape?  Who wants to talk in such beauty and tranquility? On the contrary, the mind is looking to connect, and remain still while it seeks, oh, but for a moment, to simulate with its surroundings.  This is not a moment or a space that needs to be filled with noise and contemplation.  No.  Of what use are words if they cannot capture such a rich silence, vitality and quiet abode?  Words have their practical use as now as you read, but they can strike fear with a single blow as cancer, Aids, power, death, taxes, etc.  Yet they have the power, the power of influence, to persuade those in conflict and sorrow back to where the river runs clear and clean, back where there is acceptance in exchange for isolation.  Let us not be fooled, words cannot heal, yes, they can shift us this way and that, but they cannot cleanse that which is stained--yes surely they are a guide out, much like a farmer uses a plow in the fields.  The more he uses it, the more he is fed, but he is not cured of hunger.  Foreign are words in this organic form, still when sharpened they are a fine tool to get "out" of the things we're "in".

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Image vs a Doctor

Just a Thought—
Someone at work was expressing how her daughter could have died based on the medical advice of a doctor, and so it happened the second doctors’ opinion saved her life.  This was the second time her one yr old daughter was taken in; the first doctor diagnosed the Flu on the first visit while the second said it was her appendix on the second trip—she’d been crying with a high fever for a couple of days.  The second doctor added, “If you don’t take her to Urgent Care now, she won’t be here tomorrow.”  She did.  But the question is not our reliance on forms of authority, but the awareness that behind the image is the human of which we lean heavily on their words or advice.  I’ve found the irritation comes as we remain reliant on their image and believe they’re not supposed to make mistakes.  That is not rational.  This is our disillusionment associated with the image which is embodied within the human; we treat the Police and Politicians the same way.  “Rational” is seeing the importance of observing that their image is false and the human is real and once this is clear we slowly begin to react and prepare ourselves mentally for a relationship in society with a human and have find less reliance on the image.

To Facilitate Ideas

Just a Thought—
How does one facilitate ideals?  No one has ever asked this question of me and now I ask it of you.  For example, people think they are “in love”, this idea, how does it come to life?  How do we live it?  Yes, we readily say it, wish for it and “think” we’re in it, but if we’re unaware of its creation, how we came to accept, understand and express it outwardly towards another then how does it come to life?  You see, if for all our lives we’ve just been thinking, talking, arguing, wishing, desiring, hating etc. about the “idea” of love then we’ve only been distracted from it and not directly in contact with it.  Is love a distraction?  One might agree positively if the circumstances of justification fall into place, but a distraction is social so one must see past circumstance to go beyond a “personal” form of love.  So, we need to be in contact with it and observe how it is facilitated between each other.  Surely we just don’t want to think about it because it then lies dormant with no place to go.  It is quite revealing to find out what something is factually to see what it is not practically.

Change is a Constant #133

Is evolution in a constant flow?...Constantly expressing itself in a harmonious balance regardless of what the human mind conjures and believes what "change" is?  This distinction is important to note and observe as it is direct contradiction with the other.  Evolution itself includes humans as all creation is, yet the mind settles and believes in "change" as a conclusion or end state.  One might hear, 'This is how to do this and that.'  'It is tradition, culture, our group, nation or families way of living and doing things.'  Don't we stand by and even defend "our way" of doing things?...Living the way we do culturally and nationally etc.?  How is "change" a stance or conclusion?  It implies being or isolation in a fixed state or place which is the mind in this case.  It is the act of holding on, wanting to remain there in a form of isolation, but this is a contradiction to a flow.  Have you ever heard?--"I going to change my life; I'm going to stop eating junk food."  This is an isolated statement and has nothing to do harmony and balance, therefore, is not long term change or everlasting.  A flow is constantly in motion and moving in a harmonious and balanced expression regardless of what one believes.  It is like standing next to a stream, one looks upstream and there is no beginning, one looks down stream and sees no end--a constant.  We see the state of the world but how does one come upon a solution or cure without some form of travel, journey, exploration and discovery?  One must leave the comfort and security of isolation, stance, tradition etc. in order to find relief from this bondage, and note, the exploration does NOT require the end to those comforts and values.  We don't have to stop living our value to maintain a flow in our lives.  Step into the stream and find out why.  I can't tell you "how" that is a fact, one must journey for themselves to find the truth in it, and in doing so the world will become important enough to save when we step into the "constant flow of change."