Friday, August 15, 2014

The Word Wisdom#3

Just a Thought--
Often we hear the word "wisdom" used when we think we know something that is of value socially to the youth.  One might hear, "Work hard and study, be respectful and trustworthy and life becomes easier."  Something along those lines.  But let us not confuse Wisdom and Knowledge which is tradition.  There is social wisdom which is 'do as we teach' (generally) and wisdom which is a discovery of the self.  This form of wisdom is a form of fundamental change within oneself which is far reaching and everlasting.  You can't just read this and make a comparison, you have to already be living it, now as you read.  You must already observe and know which is which to respond.

Direct as a Child

Just a Thought—

When was the last time you were told to your face by an adult “I don’t like you.”?  It’s simple and straight forward, like when we were children.  As adults we get offended, feel rejected or protective and possibly lash out, but directness is a form of clarity within the relationship.  There is no guesswork—what needs expressing is said and that’s it as children do.  Although the message might sting for a moment, it should be appreciated for its blunt summary of the relationship.  This form of directness doesn’t exist much among adults or it does under moments of extreme anger, depression or drunkenness.  How is it that a child can get away with it and we can’t as adults?  It seems because children express themselves with each other without fear of reprisal, recourse or expectation and sadly that comes later as they become conditioned with an adults’ sense of maturity.  Is it just a matter of kids not “knowing any better”?  Don’t we have to look closely at an adults’ interaction to answer if it’s better or not?  Because, observantly, is better the issue or conditioning?  A child isn’t condition yet and we adults are—we’re the ones full of rules, laws, tradition, value, faith, prejudice, fear, belief etc. not the child.  This is not an opinion, rather a simple awareness as I communicate with adults and children.  It then becomes clear if better is the issue or conditioning.  Imagine a world where directness is the “norm”…then do as a child. 

Chasing an Illusion #16

Just a Thought—

This may not sound like what you’re used to hearing, but have you ever questioned weather if what you’re pursuing as a career; politics, business, faith etc. is an illusion?  People are quick to say “no” because the ego doesn’t want to see that it doesn’t know what it’s doing or is in control.  Generally, this is the first reaction, which basically states that they’ve never asked themselves this question and studied it.  What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to say “Yes, I know it’s an illusion, but I understand it’s necessary in this society and that’s it.”  Once that takes place, the awareness is there and one continues on.  It’s only a problem when we don’t understand the origin and action of something which basically implies the “origin” as a concept, “action” as learning and effect, and “outcome” a conclusion or result.  So, is becoming a Doctor or Business Professional an illusion?  Remember to watch if you respond egotistically, if not, then there is a clear awareness and understanding of the creation of illusions.  Because once you see it within you then there is no need to defend it—there is a difference.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Hungry Lion #2

Just a Thought--
You see a lion chasing a young baby dear and you're in a position to scare the lion away so save the deer.  Do you?  Suppose you do, and think "I saved it from certain death."  Then you turn to see the mother lion walking back to four hungry baby cubs.  Then what?  It is not our place to intervene with natures way of which we are a part.  I've wondered why we can't let it be because we can't stop  this cycle with our form of self involved preservation.  We can only understand it and then we see what must be done and why we wanted to save the deer.

Judgment is??#8

Just a Thought--
Ask someone to explain what Judgment is, but they can't start by saying "Well, it's when..."  and they can't ask "What do you mean?"  Explain these simple rules first because without them I've discovered how crippled we are when it comes to directly identifying with it.  Remind them after their first attempt that we're not asking 'when it might occur', rather, what is actually taking place which forms what judgment "is".   Because if we can't see, touch or associate with it with the wholeness of ourselves via knowledge, science or awareness then why are we so quick to say, "I'm not judging you?"  Without this simple understanding, how do we rid ourselves of conflict at the root?  

A Single Want#5

Just a Thought--
What we 'want" from the world is harming us because what we "need" is dying or polluted.  Have you noticed?  When we buy a car, we want it but in exchange we harm the environment.  One single "want" leads to a larger harm.  Do we think of that at the lot? No, because the "want" is more important in the immediate short-term while in the long-term we all suffer.  It's maddening how we don't put as much effort in our "needs" as we do in our "wants".

U Think Too Much#4

Just a Thought--
To be told 'you think to much' is a measure of intolerance, impatience or misinterpretation of the message trying to be presented.  One might as well say "I don't understand what you're saying."  You think too much!?  Is that even possible?  How much thought can run out of the mind?  Only one word at a time, right?  What does that have to do with quantity?  We have to look past vague and misguided statements to stay observant to the subject at hand which is always our existence and socializing.  The root will always be attached to a flower.  Patience is key when someone thinks so little, but we need not say it.

From Afar#1

Just a Thought--
If you look at a person you don't know from afar, what would you write about them?  What would you write that was actual fact?  This is the trick--what will you write that isn't based on a reflection of yourself?  If you are thin and they are larger, will your reply with "Look that guy is fat and I am not, he's nothing like me."  Is that not a reflection of ones convictions  about self-image and appearance?  How does one come to this conclusion without the self reacting?  The moment you put pen to paper the reflection of the self begins to write, not the thing we see.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Comes First#129

There are those who are actively involved with their immediate and surrounding communities and then there those who are not.  But, that's fine because perhaps they're involved with things you are not which is just as powerful in them and silent in you.  This is an amazing way or variable of behavior that most don't consider or recognize within their interaction.  Do you really think that someone is one dimensional?  They're only as you see them?  Such as sarcastic, energetic, boring, fun loving etc.  I think most of us can see past such simple labeling or characterization, but what's behind the action?  Isn't it a quick and immediate form of rejecting something we assume is different, unknown or unrelated to our superior, better or acceptable images?  If this isn't so them why the rejection?  Why the immediate placing of a label without explanation?
Even if we don't know the person; sure it is also a form of identifying and then there is a comparison which takes place, otherwise, how do we come to conclusion?  Are we bothered with that?  Is that important enough to explain to our children as they grow?  Isn't that ironic that the school systems don't have a Human Behavior class which is mandatory throughout public schooling?  It seems important enough to go along with Gym, Government, Math etc.  Yes, Education in a system is necessary, but we know more about making and competing for money then how to interact.  We seem to learn that long after the impressionable years of our youth, when we are very receptive to learning and our attention is unwavering.  If we're concern with the future, then what's important should come first for the children and not just education of a system.

What I Learned Today#128

"Of the conditioned mind, I didn't learn anything today."
B) You say that like you're disappointed.  
"Well, because the conditioned entity is an image, false and gets us into trouble, because it is trouble--it doesn't need to know more, but understand what it already knows." 
B) Hmm! That makes some sense.
"Some sense?  It doesn't make any sense because it is either so or it isn't. Do we not create kaos and conflict with what we seek and learn?  Does not a frustrated man commit some form of social violence, either mentally or physical?"
B) Hmm! I would say yes, that's true.
"True!?! This is not about Truth or Obedience to the rules and value of society. I said, I didn't learn anything today!  And I'm glad I didn't because then I'd be subtly contributing to the disorder and conflict."
B) What about all the good things that humans have learned like Medicine, Psychology and Science and stuff?
"Nothing wrong with that now under this condition and they have there place, but more importantly they're responses to the initial conflict and kaos.  We wouldn't need them if progress we're not a coercive direction for humanity which is born of power and control."
B) What do you mean by that?
"Simply put, the more we move away from nature, we move towards the unfamiliar or unknown...things the human form finds unrelatable or foreign."
B) Hmm!  Then I don't think I've learned anything today, too.
"Are you just being sarcastic?"
B) You should understand what you teach.
"But when am I ever unaware?"
B) Shut-up! He thought.