Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nothing Special #114

Put aside your beliefs, values, sentiment, love, desires and so forth so that I my address you and this work clearly when I say, that we are 'nothing special'.  You see, we want to beloved, liked, taken seriously, have honor, dignity, respect, be empowered, compassionate etc.  You see?  Don't we find these qualities special about someone in someway or another?  Are these not the qualities we see in others and treasure within ourselves?  They matter don't they?  And when we find them, we hold on to them tightly?  True?  Why would we seek it, find it and then walk away?  See it this way--when something good, amazing, unusually nice, touching, honest or something along those lines happens, we're struck by the rarity of the event or act of kindness or compassion.  We're so struck that we call them heroes, bake cakes, have parties, put them on television, write songs or honor them in some cultural and traditional manner.  But what lies underneath these actions?  Why are we so excited and happy with these seldom seen acts?  Because it simply overwhelms us to experience our true nature and compassion towards each other.  The irony is, we're surprised by it. Yes? Watch as we do whatever it takes to suspend the moment or raise individuals to extraordinary status for days, weeks, months, and years to come.  It's like seeing an old friend after years apart and seeing them suddenly.  It's a burst of excitement that you don't want to subside; so goes our society.  The sadness in this reality is that often these moments are after extreme acts of conflict which initiates, within us, a moment of clarity where there is no selfishness and all that we have is given away to someone in that moment of compassion and connection.  You see, once all of our values, beliefs, desires, etc. step aside then we begin to flow like a river with no beginning and no end.  You see?  Our structured societies give little room for compassion and all to often give reason for conflict which leaves our compassion standing on the shore of this endless river to wait for it's turn to act.  You see, there is nothing special about saving or helping someone socially, but if we have to stop and think about ourselves...the moment passes swiftly.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free are The Merchants Goods#98

I’ve heard—a young girl was trying to get to the hospital to see her dying mother, but she didn’t have any shoes to get throw the fields of thorns which surrounded the village hospital.  The villagers couldn’t help her because they too were poor and didn’t have any extra shoes or money to spare.  How does she find a way? 
One day a merchant selling household items comes to the village--he setup his wagon and began to call, “Come one, come all! Find what you need for it is free,” he shouted. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Come!”  After hearing his call, the young girl ran to him and asked, “Do you have a pair of shoes for my feet so I can get through the thorn fields that surround the hospital?” she said hopefully.  “First, why do you need shoes?” he said while looking at her feet, “Your feet will take you where you need to go,” he assured, “My mother is dying in the hospital, but I need shoes to get through the thorns,” she replied. “I see.  Do you have five cents?” She shook her head “no”.  “Then no, child, I do not.” he said while looking at her dirty hard feet. “But you said you had what I needed.” she pressed, “I have just given it…what you need,” he said wisely. “But I need shoes!” her voice angry, “Be gone child”, he said finally, “Customers are coming,” she turned sadly away, thinking of her dying mother. 

He watched her with a smile as she began running until out of his sight.  In the hospital, her mother is lying in bed with her eyes closed; she opens them when she feels a hand slide in to hers.  She sees her daughter is standing there out of breath and with bloody feet.  “My child,” her eyes warm, “How did you get here with no money and no shoes?” she spoke, “A merchant was kind enough to give me what I needed to get to you.”