Saturday, May 17, 2014

Patient Daisies#107

 I have heard—a woman so desired a garden of gold Forget-me-nots, and was then told by a friend, “Plant a yellow daisy with seven peddles alongside them, but you must be patient because it’s a long process and a daisy—“. “Yes! Yes!” The anxious one said, not letting her finish because there was much work to do; she watered the soil in preparation, tilled, and fertilized the area with caring hands.
After all this activity in the garden, one sunny day the red Forget-me-nots began to turn from red to green and their five or six peddles changed shape while growing two extra peddles totaling seven then nothing just as many season before.  After a time, the woman grabbed her ho, shovel and clippers and pulled out the daisy and replanted another.  "Now," she thought, "I'll start from the beginning."
After the sunny season, the friend came by with a few golden flowers from her garden and to check on the garden of her friend, she said, “Look, I was patient and again I have golden flowers. And you?” She asked, “You lied to me,” she frowned, “All my flowers are the same and the daisy is still yellow and I did as you said—I watered, tilled, and planted the yellow daisy alongside my red Forget-me-nots and—“
"Ahh! But you didn't let me finish," she reminded.
"Yes, I did!" She said defensively.
"I've told you hundreds of times, but you haven't listened once," she noted, "Look there, the daisy is afraid to change for you because it senses you don't have patience to care for it.  You see, the thing you trust must also trust you before change can happen, which only comes with Patience."

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Gardener#104

I have heard—Everyday a single flower grew in the hospital garden in the same spot a day after the caring gardener picked it the day before to give to the patients.  Whatever was happening, the gardener said nothing because no one seemed to listen anyway, so he thought. 
He was a busy man and didn’t think too much about it until a woman who looked exactly like a women who died the day before was admitted to the hospital.  He thought, “Why doesn’t anyone else see or recognize her as the same woman?”  He was sure it was her but again said nothing--it was not his place. 
When he arrived home, he told his wife the story, but she was neutral and simply told him, “It is just a coincidence, now let’s eat supper.”  So they did just that, knowing the conversation was over and maybe she was right—he was mistaken.
The next day, after coming from the garden, he entered the woman’s room to find her still there; relieved he went about his duties.  This time, out in the garden, a second flower had grown next to the first.  One nurse was overheard saying to an associate, “It’s crazy how the gardener died just a day after his wife.” 
“Yes, tragic, but who put the flower in her room?”

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Duck Egg#103

I have heard—a duck walks into the barn and announces that she’s just laid a yellow egg, but she  does not  know why.  The other animals agree that it is strange but say nothing more because they know nothing of color.  However, the farmer recognized it as a solid golden egg worth more than ten times the farm.  Soon, the egg was sold, and the man and his wife become rich while the duck and other animals had to leave the only home they had ever known.    
Meanwhile, the farmer and his wife bought a new car, big house and filled it with expensive things which led to expenses, lawyers, deadlines, taxes and people threatening them which made them miserable.  “All this…,” they thought, “…because of a golden egg.”  Soon they were unable to pay for the luxuries spawned by the golden egg and were quickly penniless, in debt and forced to leave their home. 
Now homeless, the farmer and his wife were are standing outside by the road wondering what to do when all the animals came down the road and stopped in front of them--the duck offered, “I’ve laid two more golden eggs, and with one of them I bought the farm back and the other paid your debt.”  “Thank you so much," the farmer thanked, “You did all that for our farm?” “Our farm??” the duck smiled.

The Valley between Us#102

I have heard—Ip’id was the last to have green skin and so, remains separated from his family of whom he would like to reunite.  In order to do that, he must cross the valley in between them, but he’s afraid.  Still, he longs to have yellow skin like them which is only possible after crossing the valley.  Oh, how he longs to dance and laugh with them again; he sometimes dreams of them living well together.  In his loneliness, he ponders how they had the courage to cross the valley and he does not.  With little comfort, he tries to dance and sing but soon stops; it’s not the same as his green skin reminds him of the deep seeded feeling inside of him that weighs him down.
Then one day his younger brother, who is yellow, comes to visit.  He says, “Brother, we don’t have much time.  See?  My skin is already starting to turn green again, we must hurry, let us not long for things anymore,” he looks pleadingly at him, “Are you able to come this day?”  “I have a very strong desire to come and unite with you all, but something is holding me here and I cannot see it,” he reveals, “Please, brother!” he pleads, “Look at my skin; I don’t want to feel that way again—there is nothing here for us on this side,” he said, “Come, let us be gone forever.”  After as time, Ip’id, with apprehension, closes his eyes and grabs his brother’s hand as he’s lead across the valley.  Once on the other side their skin turns yellow and the feeling deep inside Ip’id is suddenly vanquished forever.  Ip’id said, “Hah! Now we’re able to dance and sing together again…and I am no longer green with envy of my own family.”   

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dog and Cat#101

I have heard--a young kitten and a puppy were friends without a care in a small house in a small neighborhood. They were very content with each other; never wasting a moment on quarrel or reprisals. They found no reason for it, like those around them.  It seemed all the cat family were suspicious of the dog family and, therefore, were afraid to be around them, the same was felt from the dog family.  But the two companions didn't listen to all the negative barking and meowing.
Often, the mother dog would tell the young puppy, "We are dogs and we can't be seen with cats out in the front yard, they are our enemies and they smell.  Don't you see that?" she bark one lazy afternoon.  The same for the mother cat; "You can't lay and play with our enemies; they are pretty like us.  It must end." she meowed loudly.  Still, the young kitten didn't listen.
One long afternoon in the living room, the male dog finally had enough and picked up the young puppy in his jaws and took him away to another room, the young kitten immediately began meowing her displeasure which prompted her cat father to pounce on the dog as he reentered the room.  Oh, the fur and hair flew this way and that until the human owners rushed in the room to put a stop to the fighting with a newspaper.
The human, seeing that the adolescent puppy was missing, went in search and brought it back to the young kitten and again they were content while the adult dogs and cats remained at odds; each staying on opposite sides of the room.
As the human stood over the content creatures, he said to his wife, "Ya know, I wish the rest of these critters were born blind like these two so we can have some peace around here."