Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Whisper of Words (Just a Thought)

Remember, our words are not the actual, the fact or the thing we're trying to convey, defend, praise, worship, hate or desire.  They are the echo of hollow thought, which is, in fact, intangible to the mind.  This is why we argue, divide, fight, desire etc. because that which is falsely anchored will perceive a life of instability and uncertainty as we do.  Find your way past the dimness of words and disillusionment.  What awaits is the real "you"; the one full of enthusiasm, vitality, joy and energy.  But how do we get there?  First, understand the illusion of "how" because there is no promise to give for such a journey.  Then what do we do but look past or around the mirror to the other side and we see clearly the illusion or facade.  The mind is merely exercising its training--repeating what it knows as if on autopilot, as I've said even this many times before.  Same thing.  We want to see not "how" to live, but see if "how" is a reality--is it an actuality?  No, we only see that "how" is an expectation of order and control, with results or obedience in mind.  As we look past "how", we disassociate with its failure and illusion and while breaking this rule-of-the-mind, we break from illusion and the power that words have over our thinking and lives.  Enough for now.