Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Learning vs Maturation

What are the changes taking place as we develop from children into adults?  Are we learning which creates change or is it a matter of biology/Maturation?  Firstly, the act of learning is relative to the environment and the expectations thereof.  For instance, a child born on the open plain with nature, animals and the raw environment will utilize 90% of its biology and the rest taught of learned from family.  Now the same child in a modern society will flip the scale to 90% learning and the rest biological.  Environments such as artificial and natural will dictate which is prevalent.  Also, expectation is a variable of the environment or exposure which is culture based.  What does the culture want from itself? It wants expectation of the present, its way of life, belief, honor, faith etc.  So in order to look at this question of Learning vs Maturation, we must remove ourselves from the process which is cultural expectation and all it involves or contains.  What do I mean?  I don't, there is not meaning to observing oneself, that would be the expectation of learning, an outcome etc.  What do we do as humans to observe animals in their natural habitat?  We observe, keep quiet, stay out of site, remain still and keep our distance.  Does this not sound like the methods and desired effects of Meditation?  To remain still in the mind and body, to still our thinking, step back and watch and observe?  Are we doing that with our children?  Watching and learning or waiting for an expectation via changes or development?  Again, the act of learning is relevant to the environment a child is exposed to and the expectation of culture, that determines if 90% of development is Maturation or Learning.