Saturday, November 29, 2014

Levels of Vibration Communication

We humans communicate on many levels; dreaming, daydreams, induced behavior, physical, conscious or unconscious.  Therefore it is irrational to think these levels are not in play at all times.  How else are we to function, surely as you read this, all levels are functioning to create the conscious level at this moment.  Only our unconscious mind divides into categories and justifies circumstance and situations.  One simply doesn't say, "I'll shut off the subconscious while I speak on the conscious level."  Just as the blood is intrinsic to cell growth and function; one thing or things feed another function or system.  I bring this up because I was observing how I was attracted to a women at work so quickly.  In short, she's loud, kind, sweet and open. From the first time I spoke with her I was attracted.  It wasn't physical, but deeper, beyond the voice, eyes, sound  etc.  So in my years of self and social study, I was aware and observed what that was or partially.  Mainly, at some sub-level of communication we were connecting; our words were coming out but our sub-levels were drawing us together.  This was before we had anything in common, but every time we get close, we talked and talked; I felt like expressing myself intensively, but I realize the act was our energy or vibration of our subconscious level communicating.  Like food needing a host-intelligence to function, vibration is looking for a connecting or like intelligence, not "me", but a force of equality, a balance or vitality.  That vibration in our cells gets excited, as we get close.  All so-call physical space around us is empty which leaves plenty of room for vibration, that is, if we're created the space in our thinking which transcends the body cell structure as it takes place via a meditation of sorts.  If you don't understand or observe what I'm talking about, watch as a baby or puppy finds joy in everything their eyes lay upon--everything in their being is vibrating with excitement, joy and love for you.  Watch as they vibrate with life.