Monday, October 20, 2014

The Unrecognized #148

There is often, under the state of unconsciousness, the incessant voice of denial within our association with “bad” or “violent” behavior.  For example; someone ends their life or performs an act of terrorism.  Somehow, we think we’re not directly involved in that process.  Note, I didn’t say, at fault, rather, “in that process.”  And what does that imply?  To say, someone is at fault for killing themselves or committing an act of terrorism is short sited about the unconscious state which is the conditioning of oneself and the world around them.  One might ask, “How does one behave under a conditioned state?”  Please, be clear, they operate on a subconscious level, unrecognized within themselves.  Imagine the last person that had contact with a suicidal person, was the one who, unconsciously, pushed them over that edge.  Had that last person a conscious mind, who understands the making of suffering, pain, isolation, how it comes about, then there would’ve been outstretched hands, an open mind, compassion and concern.  One doesn’t place blame when there is complete understanding, taking in the scope of human interaction, cause and effect etc.  It isn’t possible.  As we see how things are created, there is then clarity, understanding, connection and healing.  One doesn’t blame with this clarity—one helps, encourages, and educates with that wisdom.  There is recognition in ones actions, and those of others, which are the actions of humanity, the terrorist, the self-afflicted soul who’s willing to die to escape sorrow.  We must help them recognize the unrecognized.