Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Level of Words #149

We very often find ourselves associating with a word, how it makes us feel, react to someone, view a region of the world, a religion, group, friend etc.  We react because the word has an attachment for us, some level of image which is combined with information and knowledge.  The ego does this as it associates and identifies with itself, as this process is crucial for it to stay alive, in control and relevant.  However, if you don’t like a word, and it has a nasty connotation in your mind, you can simple change the word and, thus, it's association.  Find one that better fits your understanding, this will broaden you, pull you away slowly from identification with this level of words.  Watch, the exchange of words will alter your image in others eyes, there are expectations that will crumble and fall away.  Be watchful, help them.  Words create distance and are painful because there are others in your world who cling to this word-level, it is a comfort and culture.  The identification is strong and inseparable.  So you have a different word-level, and you want others to follow you, and they do not.  It sounds easy, but the ego or image of oneself is at risk under the conflict of change.  Be wary, but you must go, for some will follow.  You must tell and explain, It’s just a word, not your life or your problems.  It is just a breath come forth, no more or less.