Monday, October 13, 2014

The Flow of Water#147

What happens when we hear water?  Have you wondered what takes place as it slows us down with its calming resonance?  One moment we're caught up in our thoughts as nothing else seems so important.  What could be more important that what I'm thinking at the moment?  The things I want, desired and have obtained ideally or materially.  We study and work for years without any prolonged interruption of thought; its endless flow without a break or separation.  It takes its toll on our minds and bodies for it has completely taken over our living experience--falsely.  Then someone who's thinking of you, suggests a get a message. You walk through the door, and there it is, the fake waterfall in the corner.  As you fill out the form, you don't notice the calmness taking you over, as both your ears and other senses are connecting with a natural source, more powerful than the temporary act of thought.  There!  It has happened, the break in thought you've been looking for, which you didn't know you were looking for because "you" would never find it.  "You" aren't looking to be free or without your identity, but subconsciously you are awakening or you would not have accepted the invitation to the spa for a message.  You don't realize how tired and confused you have become in this world of thought.  Something is pulling you towards the water, its calm, power, vitality and raw intelligence.  The pureness of water, cannot be denied or feared, it is timeless and that which is like in kind, will come together.  Have you noticed all the sorrow with man seeking to control water?  Everything on the planet is suffering because of the simple act. Everything thrown in its way is under great stress, but it is not, it keeps coming and break through whatever lies in front of it.  You see, water can wait for the obstruction to crumble, it is timeless as is our connection.