Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Absurdity of Us #146

Who are we to say we understand life?  On what level of consciousness do we respond?  And are we aware of it, this level?  Life?--we are still arguing about how to define it.   The ego does most of our explaining, making judgments and justifications of itself inwardly and outwardly as it pervades through everything it comes in contact with or not.  Ask a child to tell you about the world and then you tell someone else.  What happens?  We need only look at the present, how absurd this form of living is, how divisive.  A creature, such as ourselves, does all the thinking “about a life” and fails in this action to understand and observe it within and throughout.  Our questions, inquiries and so forth are evident to the absurdity—we lack the depth of nature, its completeness.  We’re unable to undo what has taken place with our thinking; there is no undoing to be undone.  For example; how do we traditionally stop violence?  The question is ongoing, as violence is still among us, ever on the move.  There is no killing or undoing an idea with another idea—what do they say?--You can’t fight fire with fire!  Can’t beat a dead horse!  So true.  An idea inside a human form is absurd, as it manipulates the body/mind into “thinking” it knows of itself when it does not exist at all.  That, in of itself, is absurd, that we think we exist, said the ego.