Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Social vs Instinctive Survival #152

Many times these two expressions are transposed.  One might say, “But they are one in the same because we socially survive which is instinctive.”  Consider “social” survival is of the minds knowledge and history of culture, which involves methods, practice and goals.  Clearly these are based in the past/future to be past on through the generations as a necessary need or function, such as getting an education or knowledge in order to get a job etc.  Because there is a world we are born into, that needs to be understood, in order to function in, not live.  Living is not procedure—it is beyond limitation.  This is social survival and not instinctive by nature.  It is motivated where instinct is not.  As well, social survival is dependent, therefore, associated with the ego, progress, money and desire which identifies with the past and future.  For example; the Industrial Revolution basically began as a simple idea-of-progression, ironically moving away from instinct, and is now a pervasive cultural expectation the globe over.  And of course, underneath social survival, instinct lurks, but it is not consciously acted upon, socially, as a direct means of survival; things of the mind are.  We’ve heard the promises, but it is only air without compassion or awareness.  Therefore, instinct acts independently with the whole, keeping us alive, under the veil of sorrow, desire, and fear.  Instinct is a pure non-reflection of the corruption ‘social’ survival breaths, and, therefore, not in kind.  We see that instinct will never create conflict in the mind and world.  It is rarely spoken that humans are, like other creatures, born with all the instinct and wholeness necessary to live intelligently, that alone insures survival.