Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prosperity #147

If it isn’t now, when is it?  We look for prosperity in the future which means the present is disturbing in some form or manner.  The future and past have taken hold of the present, turning it unbearable, so the future becomes an active goal or pursuit and the present dissatisfying in the moment which isn’t.  We have to look to the past to envision the future for prosperity.  In constantly looking ahead, we feel prosperity must come from effort, knowledge, through others etc. but this is merely reactionary, an impulse without self-acknowledgement; if so, on a superficial level.  Let’s say you want riches and better communication with family etc., and you look to the future for things to improve, why are we waiting?  “Everything takes time,” you think?  Why do we wait for the unknowns of the future when the present is alive with everything necessary for prosperity to flower?  We look to the future because the ego is created in time and time is never in the present, but the past and future.  The ego stays alive by never being satisfied in the present, there is nothing life-sustaining.  It must keep moving and searching for prosperity, it must identity with it as a movement because to stop searching and desiring means it’s death in a mind which thinks “everything takes time.”  So what is prosperity without each other?  Isolation!  Even hunter animals aren't prosperous without prey, nor the hunted without something to prey upon.