Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Negative vs Positive Emotions #145

We see a stream, is there anything positive or negative about its flow from where it comes to where it goes?  Even if there is death and suffering in the stream, there is no change of its content or action.  It remains energy, not a choice.  The conditioned mind will find reason to choose which (positive or negative emotions) are taking place within a given circumstance, thereby, limiting itself to choice.  For example; I won money, this is positive emotions, then I lost it, this is a negative emotion.  I’m in love, positive, we divorced, negative.  The thought, via circumstance, makes a choice which emotion will dictate a positive or negative response; it’s to my/me/mine advantage, positive, and when it is not, negative.  The body doesn’t recognize positive/negative thought, but it does react to what the mind tells it to within a circumstance; which is advantages or apart of my ego and image etc.  In looking at this action, we see how we want to believe there are positive/negative emotions to justify ourselves/action/point of view, but this is not clarity, nor does it remove the pain, anxiety of division of choice.  Observe, positive is just as divisive or painful as negative when it turns on itself—we fall in love and get married then get a divorce.  It turns on itself, this positive to negative.  It’s important to see how emotion can turn destructive as well as constructive, and equally so to understand its source is thought, circumstantially. As the river, positive and negative only emerge and divide when there is a blockage or divergence of its form, it does nothing to its content or source.  Just a Thought