Friday, October 24, 2014

Multiples of You #150

Have you heard yourself or someone complaining about all the different problems there are to deal with?  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the reason.  Listen to all the problems coming out of a single human form.  See how a single body manifests countless conflicts in its existence.  In “conflicts” we mean “thought”, not merely aggression etc.  Listen how we say, “I have a problem.” “They have a problem.”  See how so many pebbles make up the beach?  You see?  The beauty is the beach, made up of billions and billions of granules.  Metaphorically, the single thought doesn’t makeup the whole.  We must observe this, and take that approach; there is only one conflict with humanity, which is divided by perception and expressed as individuality.  See how, I have a problem forms, as opposed to we or there is a problem.  One mind has a multitude of expressions.  The weight of this condition is heavy and sorrowful, as the mind tries to fix each problem with a set of individual rules, procedures, analysis, or knowledge; however, there is false resolution in procedures.  We hear, “I’m afraid of cats and went to a therapist and now I’m cured.”  That part of “you” thinks it’s fixed something, and maybe is has, but falsely as a comfort.  Still, good, because a little relief is the beginning of more.  But the next “you” still has problems with the world which must be addressed.  What about the financial “you” who doesn’t have enough money?  That fragment of you will now address that single problem.  With all this as the minds conditioning, why does it never occur to address the whole form/mind with one motion, as it were.  It takes a glimpse of enlightenment/awareness to cease the “you” phenomenon.  We all have this power, us it.  Just one step back as you ask, what is this process?  Wait, as you let go of what you know or believe.  Wait, and don’t think of anything, just ask the question without looking for an answer.  Because the answer didn’t create the problem, the individual “you” did, respectfully.