Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Love Reins

Just a Thought—
The head is not the place to understand “love”.  Have you given thought to this?  Because if you’ve thought about it, dwelled upon it, meditated, scrutinized and so forth then you surely realize the futility of love ever coming to pass within the heads activity.  You see, if the head is a place of contemplation, decisions, confusion, rights and wrongs and so on, then how is love to come from such clutter?  How does one arrive at love with all this noise in the head?  Simply, put, it cannot, nor will it ever discover something so pure and tranquil--for that, one must look to the heart.  The heart is where all activity, conclusions, pain and division are foreign, where love is shared and spawns from an absence of confusion, mistrust, doubt and fear, where pureness is home to all that is within and throughout, a place of virgin.  No, the head is not the place for love to spawn; it is only a place to think about it, therefore, it will never be.  Only when the “head” sees and understands this fact, will it abandon its’ ideas of love and allow “love” to rein through the heart.