Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Psychologist Said #146

The present human conditioning is a form of insanity.  Are there more people in jail or asylums labeled insane or crazy then those walking freely in the streets?  The ones on the outside would say the ones inside are koo-koo, but this is hardly the point.  What constitutes insanity?  Not many of us stop to have or care to have this conversation.  One accepts they are sane and that’s it, their behavior/ego/status have concluded “I’m not insane, others are based on their unacceptable behavior.”  But look closely at our actions, and one sees for oneself.  Our main obstacle is our conditioned state which is unable to recognize itself as human, whereas other creatures are not in question.  We readily defend it, but this is conditionally reactionary.  The world is a facade in which to function, not exist.  Therefore, we are given/conditioned into a reality we don’t understand or connect to.  Our actions are then a form of insanity, reflected in our destructive behavior unto ourselves.  Are you a “good” person, better than someone in jail, on the streets, a terrorist, an ex-boy or girlfriend?  Is the ego telling you to accept these things about yourself and reject others?  Look close, is that what you are or want to be?  Are we just talking to ourselves?  Isn’t that a sign of insanity?  People who talk to themselves?  At an unconscious level, insanity begins which isn’t justified or accepted on the ego’s level. A creature that incessantly talks, justifies, guards and needs to protect itself, is talking to itself, because the “self” is constantly in doubt about its environment, inside and outside.  That “self” is us, reflected as the present global consciousness.  The moment one realizes itself as unrecognizable as human, the insanity begins dying, said the sane Psychologist. JustaThought