Sunday, October 5, 2014

What of the Angry?

Just a Thought--
What to do with the angry?  First, let them be that, it is only a passing temporary state. Let them speak so that you may hear, not with your ears but with the vibration of your conscious being. That which is without thought or judgment etc.  Hear them as you would need an open mind in return, not a closed-off mind stuck within the perils of thought.  Now listen past their circumstance, not the problem creating the anger.  Remember, they are trapped within the confusion and delusion of themselves (ego).  In this listening, we connect with them on a human level, not an isolated one built on individuality.  We can get back to the circumstance later.   Help them to stop and watch how futile the problem is and confused they are but without say so.  Watch them come alive, we all have this power.