Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just a Thought—The Cry for Now

 Let’s be clear, it is not your fault the way things are in the world.  Yet, we are a mirror of it, the perpetuators of it—fault is no longer relevant.  Sure, you didn’t do anything to cause someone to build weapons, have a bad attitude, hurt others, lie, cheat on their partner, believe in Heaven and Hell, go to War, justify a hanging by a court order, steal, hate, bully someone etc.  But who’s fault is it if we do nothing in the face of this awareness?  If you are reading this Now you are searching for, hopefully, not answers for whom to turn to, rather clarity of the conditions which are stated above.  You want to understand the workings of the mind which is you, the individual, the friend, enemy or lover.  You want to see how to function with these illusions of grandeur and self-delusion.  Because you see how dangerous we’ve become to our existence and understand placing blame is not clear thinking.  You want to help cure what ails us, to stop the bullying, war, thievery etc.  The Ego likes to think “Nothing is wrong with me” “I didn’t cause this.”  So, thinks the mind of the individual which is disconnected with the whole, unconcerned with itself and others.  “It’s not my problem,” they say.  How untrue--for the very words ‘Cry for the Now’, the escape, cure, relief, vitality and clarity of existence.  It is all Now.