Friday, September 26, 2014

Just a Thought—Cure vs Help

If we’re afflicted with something then it’s possible to reverse the cause by seeking help, applying those teachings to cure an ailment.  But look close, they are not of the same origin.  Be aware, help does not spring from a cure whereas a cure can help to cure.  It is finished, over and shall not return or was never there at all.  Perhaps the mind imagined it needed help, found that help, but it didn’t cure which is the cycle of delusion of the self or ego.  For example; if you lied to someone and told yourself to stop, are you cured or need more help?  You see the mind/ego/you will continue telling itself that it is no longer a “liar” but a “good person who made a mistake” and is now cured, but one is not cured if one needs incessant reminding.  There is doubt in this voice-of-apprehension or fear that it will occur again.  One needs more “help” in this scenario which is temporary.  So, one continues to remind oneself of how to behave without understanding/observing the ever making/circumstances of a lie or actions of ego/time.  To be cured is to live outside of that voice/ego/time.  Deeply rooted is the cure “help” is lacking.  In order to cure the liar within, we must see and become the cure.  How else do we help others to rise to this path eternal? JustaThought