Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I Learned Today#128

"Of the conditioned mind, I didn't learn anything today."
B) You say that like you're disappointed.  
"Well, because the conditioned entity is an image, false and gets us into trouble, because it is trouble--it doesn't need to know more, but understand what it already knows." 
B) Hmm! That makes some sense.
"Some sense?  It doesn't make any sense because it is either so or it isn't. Do we not create kaos and conflict with what we seek and learn?  Does not a frustrated man commit some form of social violence, either mentally or physical?"
B) Hmm! I would say yes, that's true.
"True!?! This is not about Truth or Obedience to the rules and value of society. I said, I didn't learn anything today!  And I'm glad I didn't because then I'd be subtly contributing to the disorder and conflict."
B) What about all the good things that humans have learned like Medicine, Psychology and Science and stuff?
"Nothing wrong with that now under this condition and they have there place, but more importantly they're responses to the initial conflict and kaos.  We wouldn't need them if progress we're not a coercive direction for humanity which is born of power and control."
B) What do you mean by that?
"Simply put, the more we move away from nature, we move towards the unfamiliar or unknown...things the human form finds unrelatable or foreign."
B) Hmm!  Then I don't think I've learned anything today, too.
"Are you just being sarcastic?"
B) You should understand what you teach.
"But when am I ever unaware?"
B) Shut-up! He thought.