Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Comes First#129

There are those who are actively involved with their immediate and surrounding communities and then there those who are not.  But, that's fine because perhaps they're involved with things you are not which is just as powerful in them and silent in you.  This is an amazing way or variable of behavior that most don't consider or recognize within their interaction.  Do you really think that someone is one dimensional?  They're only as you see them?  Such as sarcastic, energetic, boring, fun loving etc.  I think most of us can see past such simple labeling or characterization, but what's behind the action?  Isn't it a quick and immediate form of rejecting something we assume is different, unknown or unrelated to our superior, better or acceptable images?  If this isn't so them why the rejection?  Why the immediate placing of a label without explanation?
Even if we don't know the person; sure it is also a form of identifying and then there is a comparison which takes place, otherwise, how do we come to conclusion?  Are we bothered with that?  Is that important enough to explain to our children as they grow?  Isn't that ironic that the school systems don't have a Human Behavior class which is mandatory throughout public schooling?  It seems important enough to go along with Gym, Government, Math etc.  Yes, Education in a system is necessary, but we know more about making and competing for money then how to interact.  We seem to learn that long after the impressionable years of our youth, when we are very receptive to learning and our attention is unwavering.  If we're concern with the future, then what's important should come first for the children and not just education of a system.