Sunday, August 24, 2014

To Facilitate Ideas

Just a Thought—
How does one facilitate ideals?  No one has ever asked this question of me and now I ask it of you.  For example, people think they are “in love”, this idea, how does it come to life?  How do we live it?  Yes, we readily say it, wish for it and “think” we’re in it, but if we’re unaware of its creation, how we came to accept, understand and express it outwardly towards another then how does it come to life?  You see, if for all our lives we’ve just been thinking, talking, arguing, wishing, desiring, hating etc. about the “idea” of love then we’ve only been distracted from it and not directly in contact with it.  Is love a distraction?  One might agree positively if the circumstances of justification fall into place, but a distraction is social so one must see past circumstance to go beyond a “personal” form of love.  So, we need to be in contact with it and observe how it is facilitated between each other.  Surely we just don’t want to think about it because it then lies dormant with no place to go.  It is quite revealing to find out what something is factually to see what it is not practically.