Saturday, August 15, 2015

There is no "You" #137

"You" have lived with "you" all of your existence and no one has denied this fact for any rational or practical reason.  "You" have been given a name, personality, desires, expectation, rules, faith, friendships and pain.  

"You" have been moving through this cloud of responsibilities without any clear direction.  Responsibilities that we can not handle or understand.  Before you could walk and talk "you" was creeping and building into your Being by your parents as your name, gender, clothes, brothers or sisters, parents, house etc. and when will you question any of it?  

Why question? "You" are normal to "you" and your obedience is enforced by your parents, peers and forms of authority.  Later as "you" grow, this misunderstanding, will show itself when "you" "rebel" as parents or teachers put it.  All rooted in your misunderstanding of what is happening to you, not purely because you didn't follow the 'rules of the house' or the teacher.  

But because as unaware parents or guardians, "you" were passed on via love and concern for "you" in the future.  Your parents wanted better for you in the future. But, what will "you" do when you have children?  Will you build another "you"?  Is it not better to let go of "you" and all its misunderstanding, confusion, violence and doubt as you discover a way "out" of the ego and present a reality with the observance of "you"?  True, "you" matter, but if "you" desire a 'better future' for them, what will the real you do?