Monday, August 18, 2014

The Making of the Individual #131

The brain will only become to operate like the environment it is exposed to as in language, region, hemisphere, culture etc., it will accept is as a form of survival.  Just as intelligence--its soul purpose is to survive in balance and vitality. As the brain begins to interpret speech over and over it begins to respond by memorizing and collecting this information through the repetitive exposure to speech.  In brief, the brain now is reliant on information to survive, although superficially because intelligence is keeping it alive and functioning.  As information is a fragmented piece of structure, if you will, it narrows the scoop and perception of its world.  The Individual is born as this window narrows--see the parallel between our single and individual mindedness and a fragmented structure as we function as if separate from everything around us. We struggle to maintain our connections with others and stay there, but it is difficult when the perception in the brains has grown narrow and limited and as information mounts we think there is no one on the planet like us, acts like us etc.  The individual will accept the ideas and image to further strengthen this egotistic and superficial reality.  And why not?...It is familiar, and its not a matter of right and wrong.  See it as you read this which IS that information in memory being interpreted off the screen, see how limited it is, how it must be structured in a familiar way to read and comprehend.  If not, it becomes gibberish and incomprehensible.  Do we not rely on information, which is fragmented and limited?  Are we not conditioned with the same exposure input regardless of culture, region, race etc.?  Do we see that structure creates Individuals by its very nature; it sees one thing over and over for comfort and security because it isn't connected to anything intelligent around it so it remains isolated within the Individual.  Can someone, please, add to this--I've been told all the criticizing stuff already.  If you observe this then there is no debate merely expansion as  I/we seek to transcend our limited perception of existence.