Saturday, August 30, 2014

Solid Footing#14

Just a Thought—
Does it occur during our daily routines, if our concept and understanding of the world we have created is on solid ground?  Is it stable?  We live the violence and conflict.  Is it rooted and grounded as not to topple over or become unstable?  Because what is the root of society?  From what origin do our actions spring?...Ideals, fear, stagnation, progress or faith?  Whatever we call it, it’s between our ears, a function of the mind or brain.  Yes? Does it matter what we call it? Not at all, because no matter, we fundamentally respond and believe in it to some extent or we cannot function during the day.  Are we then observant and aware of how fear is the main cause of the fluctuation in our actions?—one minute it is good, acceptable and the next wrong and rejected.  This action happens millions of times a day.  You see, when billions of people make a decisions at the same time, it becomes a phenomenon, like going to work and all the traffic, looking for food etc.  We live and function this way; it’s very simple, almost childlike, but still a form of reality.  Still, thought, can we say our lives are in a solid, grounded or firmly rooted reality?  Because we have to wonder that thought, which is transferred from one person to another and constantly moving, does it not lead to instability?...Like a boat on the restless ocean?  JustaThought2go