Sunday, August 24, 2014

Image vs a Doctor

Just a Thought—
Someone at work was expressing how her daughter could have died based on the medical advice of a doctor, and so it happened the second doctors’ opinion saved her life.  This was the second time her one yr old daughter was taken in; the first doctor diagnosed the Flu on the first visit while the second said it was her appendix on the second trip—she’d been crying with a high fever for a couple of days.  The second doctor added, “If you don’t take her to Urgent Care now, she won’t be here tomorrow.”  She did.  But the question is not our reliance on forms of authority, but the awareness that behind the image is the human of which we lean heavily on their words or advice.  I’ve found the irritation comes as we remain reliant on their image and believe they’re not supposed to make mistakes.  That is not rational.  This is our disillusionment associated with the image which is embodied within the human; we treat the Police and Politicians the same way.  “Rational” is seeing the importance of observing that their image is false and the human is real and once this is clear we slowly begin to react and prepare ourselves mentally for a relationship in society with a human and have find less reliance on the image.