Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hearing Freedom#135

Have you witnessed a mind that is free of itself?  Free of all that is confusing, sorrowful, desirous, hateful, faithful and so forth?  It is something we can hear as someone speaks?  How is it heard?  You’ve heard a Preacher speak without actually seeing them—there are words, phrases and a tone in which to identify with.  What might we say when we hear it depends on ones ongoing discoveries as you function and question from day to day. What happens in that moment as you hear it?  We must be watchful and sensitive.  Does it not find its way down to the center of you which is everywhere?  We readily hear the voice of acceptance but not the voice of rejection.  Do we see how we block one and not the other?  If one is to hear freedom one must simple let them both flow without manipulation.  Simply identify with them.  Is this not an action of connection, a coming together and a moment of eternity?  One must be watching in order for it to flow within and throughout--there can't be a hindrance, judgment or barriers of any form.  So often we hear and retain all the noise of thoughts decisions, rights and wrongs and fail to hear with clarity freedoms silent song.  It is there.  It is like blocking a stream to limit its power, vitality and purpose; we are no different. We are blocked and can no longer witness or hear freedom--it is all around us.  Look at a baby--is that not total freedom?  They are pure clarity as they watch and take-in everything around them.  Listen, for there are clear distinctions upon the arrival of a connection—first it must be sought after and second recognized.  It will not come to us.  Listen.