Friday, August 15, 2014

Direct as a Child

Just a Thought—

When was the last time you were told to your face by an adult “I don’t like you.”?  It’s simple and straight forward, like when we were children.  As adults we get offended, feel rejected or protective and possibly lash out, but directness is a form of clarity within the relationship.  There is no guesswork—what needs expressing is said and that’s it as children do.  Although the message might sting for a moment, it should be appreciated for its blunt summary of the relationship.  This form of directness doesn’t exist much among adults or it does under moments of extreme anger, depression or drunkenness.  How is it that a child can get away with it and we can’t as adults?  It seems because children express themselves with each other without fear of reprisal, recourse or expectation and sadly that comes later as they become conditioned with an adults’ sense of maturity.  Is it just a matter of kids not “knowing any better”?  Don’t we have to look closely at an adults’ interaction to answer if it’s better or not?  Because, observantly, is better the issue or conditioning?  A child isn’t condition yet and we adults are—we’re the ones full of rules, laws, tradition, value, faith, prejudice, fear, belief etc. not the child.  This is not an opinion, rather a simple awareness as I communicate with adults and children.  It then becomes clear if better is the issue or conditioning.  Imagine a world where directness is the “norm”…then do as a child.