Sunday, August 24, 2014

Change is a Constant #133

Is evolution in a constant flow?...Constantly expressing itself in a harmonious balance regardless of what the human mind conjures and believes what "change" is?  This distinction is important to note and observe as it is direct contradiction with the other.  Evolution itself includes humans as all creation is, yet the mind settles and believes in "change" as a conclusion or end state.  One might hear, 'This is how to do this and that.'  'It is tradition, culture, our group, nation or families way of living and doing things.'  Don't we stand by and even defend "our way" of doing things?...Living the way we do culturally and nationally etc.?  How is "change" a stance or conclusion?  It implies being or isolation in a fixed state or place which is the mind in this case.  It is the act of holding on, wanting to remain there in a form of isolation, but this is a contradiction to a flow.  Have you ever heard?--"I going to change my life; I'm going to stop eating junk food."  This is an isolated statement and has nothing to do harmony and balance, therefore, is not long term change or everlasting.  A flow is constantly in motion and moving in a harmonious and balanced expression regardless of what one believes.  It is like standing next to a stream, one looks upstream and there is no beginning, one looks down stream and sees no end--a constant.  We see the state of the world but how does one come upon a solution or cure without some form of travel, journey, exploration and discovery?  One must leave the comfort and security of isolation, stance, tradition etc. in order to find relief from this bondage, and note, the exploration does NOT require the end to those comforts and values.  We don't have to stop living our value to maintain a flow in our lives.  Step into the stream and find out why.  I can't tell you "how" that is a fact, one must journey for themselves to find the truth in it, and in doing so the world will become important enough to save when we step into the "constant flow of change."