Saturday, August 30, 2014

Absence of Thought#13

Just a Thought--
Suppose the thing that "thinks" it thinks isn't there guiding you through your life; making choices, decisions, remarks, forming habits etc.  What if all that you are, all you've accumulated, desired, regretted, wished etc. was absent?  What has taken place if one day you awoke to this spaciousness of mind?  What happened?  It would appear all of your questions and self-study have revealed the facts unto yourself.  You have pierced the darkness laden thoughts we are plagued with to transcend from Observed to Observer.  Your fears of this and that have revealed a total fear, not fragments as you once believed.  You suddenly understand a bad man or woman, a child can now be tolerated, you understand the terrorist, the thief, power, desire, God, Love, illusion etc.  Now what?  Nothing, you continue as before; questioning, letting go of the origins of your search, letting go of reaction, your past self.  Now you are not alone, and there is no more noise.  Finally, forever.  JustaThought2go