Saturday, August 30, 2014

A System of Science#136

Science is a systematic study of elements which seems to struggle with the most basic incident, that which is fact and truth.  Which is which requires a look past mere definition or past achievements. We see that Truth is historically man-made, power, coercive, corrupt, controlling and very illusive in that realm.  What peaceful motivation comes from this?  One must ask if Science works on an unbiased level of openness, or rooted in fact?  This is poignant to see.  Many times we rush to stand behind our sense of truth and what it means to us, not what it is and whence it comes.  We hear that fact is often coupled with truth--they do not come from each other.  The fact is, the ground is hard, it can, thereby, be called a truth but not the other way around for then it initiates from a corrupt place and never grows into a fact.  Fact stands alone, is rooted in something as illusive as the beginning to a circle, therefore uncoverable as Science struggles to prove.  Science has its place but for only a select few, not the whole. The difficulty with science lies in its self-induced interpretations of truth and fact and its underlying goal for power.  If there are those who see clearly and observantly the nature of fact from truth then the reply to this will show a cooperation with the whole and not an antagonistic view.  JustaThought2go