Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Bully#126

There has been a great deal said about the act of Bullying from one child, youth or adult to another and what to do about these acts.  Lets look closely at what is taking place in all of us, first, before we single-out an individual as if they've acted individually.  Have they?  Have they really acted on their own without understanding the process of their condition being considered in the outcome of their actions?  Who can step forward and express a clear understanding of themselves, let alone sort out the cause of the Bully?  Yes, it must be address, but not on an individual basis because what exactly is created on its own in our culture? How does the Bully first get exposed and associate with teasing or violence?--Television, video games, friends, movies, school playground, sports, brothers and sisters arguing etc.  Do we see this?  And while all this exposure is taking place, is the Bully being informed as to all the circumstances; the rights and wrongs, the history, the reality of it,  etc.? When I was watching cartoons two feet from the screen, my parents weren't explaining the violence, explosions, crashes etc.  We were just allowed to watch--simple.  So the Bully is bombarded with images and concepts they can't sort out because there is a lack of constant history or explanation for them to grasp onto.  It sounds simple, but the mind will stop and think of its actions and consequences if it has something there to contemplate--for instance, if you drive a car too fast something bad might happen.  Yes?  We know that because we've been told, as simple of that, and those who don't stop and think of those consequences will suffer.  Just as the Bully is suffering under the weight of its burden-of- misunderstanding of social interaction and the greatness and vastness a our society.  Is it not surprising that most Bullies are young and inexperienced in our society?  As not many adults are without a moment irrational behavior.  We must understand that the Bully was born into this society where bullying already exists and was then thrust upon them.  BE AWARE--this goes beyond "It starts with the parents."  It's goes deep into the observance of that which creates and forms the Bully within us socially before its transferred to them.