Thursday, July 3, 2014

"How" To" #125

"How" do I stop from being depressed?  "How" do I do it?  How do I turn the power, information, teaching etc. into stopping it from happening to me?  Are there people in your life now with this problem of trying to figure out "how" to do this and that?  Have you ever been to a hall or theater to listen to someone speak on a specific topic?  We all have, but what is the same in all these scenarios?  What is the same except the theme? Well, there is always the audience and the speaker.  Yes?  In general, isn't that "how" we learn?  We go a room or building and listen to one or a few people speak who are telling us "how" to do this or that.  Have you ever questioned this or have you just gone without a thought because the theme is most important for your future goals and wishes etc.  We're not questioning weather its necessary or not, but just if we ever question "how" things are happening right under our obedient noses.  I hope that word "obedient" doesn't sting, but we're laying ourselves open in these forums, yes?  We're trying to get to the fact of our truths.  Has anyone ever question the speaker if they know "how" they associate with the information being shared? Probably not because we don't ask too many inward questions while out and about.  Look at it this way--is leaning a method of "how" or are we just receptive for the sake of the survival of ourselves socially?  "How" is it possible to grasp the vastness of people all learning differently?  How many times have heard this?  Have you ever called the person on it by saying "That's impossible to determine theoretically, it's also a contradiction."  Most find it easier to believe its true because we think we're individuals.  What human can tell you of this experience without those around him creating that experience?  "How" we learn can best be observed by saying we learn through our senses and what they interpret.  It's basic but so is life and existence; we don't need to debate about it.  Why?  Are our senses using "how"?  Are they being taught or are they just "on", intelligent and vital?  There is nothing "how" about it.  It's like someone trying to tell you "how" to grow your hair; nonsense, it just grows.