Friday, July 4, 2014

Held Back#115

Have you ever wanted to help someone, but had to stop and think about it?  What does that tell you in that moment?  What is there to think about?  Sounds simple, but we all know there are others to consider because of the many prejudices the mind goes through.  Yes?  Please, don't say "no" because we just said we had to stop and think about it.  We exist in an obedient society so there is a social conditional response. Stop and think about it--just kidding.  So are we not held back from acting instinctively?  And not merely in situations of circumstance which are often a justifying point.  What I mean is, sensing something bad will happen if you don't stop drinking etc.  Because instinct isn't a partial action, it is whole.  We've all heard someone speak of how this or that person or group "is acting instinctively" and so forth.  This is a direct contradiction to the fact that we don't because if one of us is doing so, then the rest are as well.  Look around at the filth in everything--that doesn't come about through instinct, but rather through our obedience to a social structure which isn't concerned if we're acting instinctively or not.  Do you go to work to act instinctively?  Watch yourself when it comes time to buy a car for the first time--do you stop and say, "No, I better not buy this car because it's a form of pollution."  That I have never heard, sure we realize it, but look how many cars there are?  Millions upon millions.  Instinct didn't play a role at all, but obedience sure does. No, I take that back, the instinct to "survive" does respond while buying a car; somewhere underneath all the need and desire, survival partially responds.  But do you see how we're held back from acting instinctively in its totality?  I'm sure at some point you've watched a television show about a tribe somewhere living off the land; wearing little clothing, bones through the nose, walking miles for water, hunting for food etc.  Yes? What is your first thought?  Isn't there is a sense of wonder at how they do that as our minds immediately compare that existence with our conditional comforts?  Living out there is pure instinct and has nothing to do with "stopping and thinking" about it.  You see, if you've always ridden at the front of the bus, you don't really want to sit in the back again even though we all have a destination in mind.