Sunday, July 13, 2014

Faulty Image#127

Is it possible to really face another person without addressing the image?  Let me explain why we don't actually face each other.  First, we see each other as friends, lovers, partners, wives, husbands, enemies, etc. Don't we?  Are these not all labels and fragments of our images?  For example--we've all been called a name or have yelled one out under situations of calm or irritation.  Yes?  You call someone "stupid" or whatever, but it isn't the raw human being that is insulted or praised.  What actually does the reacting or responding?  Have you really looked at this?  How we just throw images back and forth between us?  Do we ever address the human being underneath all the images?  How do we look at each other?  Our images do all the reacting, not the human being because its true self is dormant.  We don't actually send our children to a human being at school because they won't give them an education.  Yes?  Parents don't say, "We can't wait to meet your new Human."  No, because parents are looking for a Teacher, the image, not the human.  There is always a form of coercion and motivation with image.  Look at your family and friends, don't they all have names, characteristics, habits, desire etc. in which to build an image on?  Right?  Aren't we concerned with addressing the image of the person and not really the human being because then where would the criticism come from?  See, a human without an image understands criticism and therefore lets it die.  Because when we look directly at the human being, we see ourselves which is where we are all equal.  Are we not looking for equality?  Don't we have all these rules and regulations, procedures, rights, culture, history etc, in order to find equality?  Is the ever changing image making that happen?  Is this not an unstable thing?  One that keeps changing to fit it's own needs?  Don't we change our minds to protect our image when necessary?  We've all said something we shouldn't have or have changed our minds to protect our beliefs, value, family, face, nation, church, etc.  Of course, because something built on the minds projections will falter from its' weak foundation as it struggles to survive.  In short, the only way to function face to face is without the barriers of image between us.  A grounded human will observe and live that.