Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time for Silliness#120

I've heard it uttered that we get tired of hearing, or being addressed with silliness in the world, and that we shouldn't have time for it.  Suppose someone comes to you with something silly and you listen, but inwardly you are pushing them and this silliness aside, giving it no credence.  Essentially we're separating ourselves from the very thing that we are or contain.  In order to recognize it, we must have some association with it. Can you see this?  If you see someone climbing out of a window at night with a television and you recognize them the next day, then ones only association is "thief" while clearly you have no prior association.  Yes? How can I call another man a fool without myself having been in such a position.  If I'm foolish then, please, don't act like me, but tell me how not to be.  Tell me how not to be silly--it may take some time because it's much broader then our analogy here, but one step leads to another and soon we are running with confidence. Interesting enough we often turn someone else's silliness into a trivial thing when to them it has been a concern they have brought to you.  It may have taken them painfully long before they decided to come to you and when they did we turned it into silliness.  And some will express it verbally that way which can be very damaging to a relationship.  How do we think depression starts socially?  Forget diet and Biology for a moment which play a large part in decision making.  But the subtle act of communicating is continually having an affect on our state-of-minds stability.  Is crime a single act or does it take all of us to create the conditions?  If a stranger came to your house and asked for lodging, would you have to think it over?  I would because that's our fearful state--who is this? what do they "really" want? what will they do?  etc. And in this state, suppose the world we're populated with your personal state of mind, belief, value, desires, misunderstandings, egoism, etc.  What would the world be like?  Would everyone have something to eat, place to live, life insurance etc.  It's not an easy question or concept to ponder without a clear factual depth of the capacity of consciousness itself and an observance of ourselves in relationship with everything.  What would the world be like with your silliness?