Monday, June 30, 2014

Step Away from What's Right#123

All our lives we've heard, 'Do the right thing, the good thing, the best you can.' Yes?  It becomes ingrained at a very early age, even before we can talk we hear it over and over.  As we begin to explore the world on our wobbly legs and searching hands we begin to learn right from wrong, good and bad over and over.  Sometimes there is yelling, shouting, pushing, jealousy and warnings being pushed at us as we explore our surroundings--all that noise for the sake of the "right" thing?  But! It is the right thing or the only thing?  Interesting to take note of this.  Is it the right thing or the only thing?  Because what else is our conditioning which is tradition, telling us to do but the right thing which is why there is the wrong thing.  (If you've never asked of yourself this approach or read my seem strange or distant)  The wrong thing only comes about through avoiding the right thing at all costs.  All the yelling, repetition and threats are the messenger of the wrong thing keeping us teetering toward the right thing.  You see, one can step away from the right thing and not tell a soul, and still seem normal enough to keep around, it could be your little secret, but you can't keep that in, it's too big once you are aware of the immensity of that freedom.  Because then the realization of stepping away from the right thing is merely a movement along the journey, not a condemnation of social order and morals because we have to live with each other and we do expect ourselves to act "right".  Because when I do, then so do the children wondering what all the yelling is about.