Thursday, June 26, 2014

"If" Part 2 #118

What happens as we speak this simple word (if)?  Have you stopped and followed it?  Have you ever been talking and someone asks you "What do you mean by "if" it will happen?  But they're not really addressing the "if" but rather the subject matter.  Are not "assumptions" the maker of "if"?  Where would "if" be without an assumptive mind?  There is always a preceding foundation, if you will, to build or spring from.  Yes? There is always a root before a flower.  So! Does the mind (us) see this phenomenon as our world is submerged in an assumptive state?  How do I see it?  Because to see it is to watch it, see how it is born, lives and dies then one can speak of it.  Lets be clear--I don't know it.  I didn't learn it from a book or teacher.  We see things as the Observer.  Learning is merely the tool which guides the collection of intellect and knowledge. Anyway, lets say, "if" the mind wasn't in an assumption state then "if" would not exist because the assumption rises from our doubt about this state of existence.  Why would we doubt without fear?  But what is an assumption, but a projection of sorts, a look into the short or long term future.  Is this projection not an assumption of how things are to be?
Look into a babies eyes and you see no doubt there, that comes later, but for now, there is no doubt about anything, no fear and no assumptions where "if" is necessary or affixed.  I wonder if you see this.  See it this way--are you a hundred percent sure about anything at this moment?  The economics, your job, possessions, future, politics, marriage, war etc?  It's like saying which rain drop is the wettest?  Impossible while being wet is a collective effort.  The "assumptions" of life have become the "if's" in our society because we're on unsure social footing, drifting this way and that while wondering "if" things will turn out...right.  Wait!  Isn't that an assumption?