Monday, June 9, 2014

Don't Think You Know#116

On the surface, the "title work" name might imply that what we know is of no use--well, yes and no which depends on many social factors that we've grown dependent on.  Which is why one might react in defense or negatively if what they know is scrutinized, criticized, insignificant or of no real value on day.  But we're not going to waste time with that because the discussion is on the effect the information has on the physical body itself. What happens when someone throws a rock at you?  It hits you and then falls to the earth or floor. Yes? But the same doesn't happen to information--it sticks and is recorded because the human form is about survival and no matter what environment it's in, it adapts to survive.  So information always sticks at the subconscious level where it lives for the short or long term and is replaced by new or relative information. You see this? You learn something; abc's, then spelling, building sentences etc.  And as we grow this basic structure gets pushed down through the subconscious levels while being replaced with new, relative and a more complex structure.  So now were full of information and we 'think we know' stuff and from this platform we're ready to tackle anyone who challenges this podium of information you've gather.  But why did this information not fall away when you were hit with it?  Like the rock.  Why does it stick?  We've mentioned how it's at a fundamental level of social survival and must be called upon in a flash-of-a-thought because it might be very important in that moment.  One could lose a job, friend, boy or girlfriend, a home etc. if the wrong or inappropriate information is brought forth.  Still, there is a high level of intelligence which says "this information is destructive, painful, fearful, delusional, desirous etc.  You see?  This level has nothing to do with the information because it always observes and wonders why this information "thinks it knows everything" be yet "doesn't recognize me."  You see?  Intelligence is aware that the information is only passing through without causing any inner damage or confusion and fear--just as the rock falls to the earth so does the information.  Intelligence understands the physical and psychology in the information but it does not cling, want or fear it because it just lets it pass, lets it go, lets it fall away.  Don't think you know because then we stagnate while letting it pass allows an intelligent view of all that passes through us.  This is expansion which is endless and has no beginning.  Isn't that what we want?  The experience of endlessness?