Thursday, May 1, 2014

When am I Unaware?#92

Let’s say you’ve done something which has affected someone so much that they call you “stupid.”  Oh, great, how will you go on?  You’re stupid and they really mean it.  The conditioned response would be to call them the same in return, but then what?  Who is teaching whom?  Is there a better and a worse one in this exchange?  Well, in fact, nothing has happened at all.  One might as well talk to the wall—two rocks are calling the other “hard headed.”
Now, suppose one is called “stupid” and the reply is, “But when am I ever unaware?”  What then does the accuser say?...Generally, they would say, “What?  What do you mean by that?”  It’s a general reply, but more importantly, you now have their attention, and now you are able to help them because in that instance awareness takes place.  Don’t waist this moment.  Still, that doesn’t mean the individual is seeking awareness so we must be patient if the reply is, “What the hell are you talking about??” Yes?  One could reply with, “I’m talking about whatever you’re not aware of.”  But they don’t understand you in the first place so don’t continue on confusing them; the moment is ripe to teach them because we don’t want them to run, right?  Teach without teaching.  Still, you have derailed them with this response, slowed their momentum to a crawl.

The statement, “When am I ever unaware?”  is quite a brilliant, yet unegotistical thing to say because it intelligently, calmly engages a depth of human conditioning which immediately eliminates the course which, thereby, leads to stupidity or any false act.  Do you see the harsh irony here?  How does one become “stupid” when one is aware?  You see?  It’s like “night” trying to defeat “day”.  How subtle—try it and watch!