Friday, May 6, 2016

Ip'id: Unknowable

I have heard-- Fourteen year old Ip'id was invited to the home of Dahgi, his friend, for a gathering. But Ip'id refused, as it was uncomfortable getting to "know" others.  He felt it unnecessary. 'Why can't people just be?' Ip'id mused. 

But at Dahgi's insistence, Ip'id conceded. There were girls after all. Just as Ip'id expected, a few girls, Boonchii and Nahdi were present and knew of his studies as an ascetic. But to Ip'id's unknowing, Shri, the socialite from the next village was invited; a nosy one.  

With Dahgi by Ip'id's side, Shri approached, escorted by Boonchii and Nahdi. Shri asked, "Well, what do you study, Ip'id?" she spoke in a quick and impatient manner.
"Whatever...the teacher...assigns," Ip'id purposely labored a reply.
"Clever, aren't you? And what is that?" she looks quickly at Boonchii and Nahdi as if empowered and in control.
"Things...of the mind," he knows she doesn't care.  
"Nahdi says you sleep outside. Why?" she said disapprovingly.
"Because...I'm...tired," he said rationally.
"That's not right to sleep outside," she frowned. "And Boonchii said you don't eat lamb." 
"No, not even when its dead." The girls giggled, and Shri felt abashed. 
"Why? All of faith eat -" her face contorted roughly as affect of his silly remarks and interruption. 
"Shri! Humans are unknowable," Ip'id presented a smile, then said, "like the endless task of counting stars - search yourself to realize this truth." 
"You fool!" her face cracked with anger. "What does that mean!?!" she spat intolerantly.  
Inwardly annoyed with Shri, Ip'id stopped talking as illustration while Boonchii, Nahdi and Dahgi grinned. 
"Why don't you answer me!?!" Shri fumed uncomfortably at Ip'id. 
"He is," Dahgi observed, "or have you stopped trying to know him?"