Monday, May 12, 2014

The Valley between Us#102

I have heard—Ip’id was the last to have green skin and so, remains separated from his family of whom he would like to reunite.  In order to do that, he must cross the valley in between them, but he’s afraid.  Still, he longs to have yellow skin like them which is only possible after crossing the valley.  Oh, how he longs to dance and laugh with them again; he sometimes dreams of them living well together.  In his loneliness, he ponders how they had the courage to cross the valley and he does not.  With little comfort, he tries to dance and sing but soon stops; it’s not the same as his green skin reminds him of the deep seeded feeling inside of him that weighs him down.
Then one day his younger brother, who is yellow, comes to visit.  He says, “Brother, we don’t have much time.  See?  My skin is already starting to turn green again, we must hurry, let us not long for things anymore,” he looks pleadingly at him, “Are you able to come this day?”  “I have a very strong desire to come and unite with you all, but something is holding me here and I cannot see it,” he reveals, “Please, brother!” he pleads, “Look at my skin; I don’t want to feel that way again—there is nothing here for us on this side,” he said, “Come, let us be gone forever.”  After as time, Ip’id, with apprehension, closes his eyes and grabs his brother’s hand as he’s lead across the valley.  Once on the other side their skin turns yellow and the feeling deep inside Ip’id is suddenly vanquished forever.  Ip’id said, “Hah! Now we’re able to dance and sing together again…and I am no longer green with envy of my own family.”