Monday, May 12, 2014

The Duck Egg#103

I have heard—a duck walks into the barn and announces that she’s just laid a yellow egg, but she  does not  know why.  The other animals agree that it is strange but say nothing more because they know nothing of color.  However, the farmer recognized it as a solid golden egg worth more than ten times the farm.  Soon, the egg was sold, and the man and his wife become rich while the duck and other animals had to leave the only home they had ever known.    
Meanwhile, the farmer and his wife bought a new car, big house and filled it with expensive things which led to expenses, lawyers, deadlines, taxes and people threatening them which made them miserable.  “All this…,” they thought, “…because of a golden egg.”  Soon they were unable to pay for the luxuries spawned by the golden egg and were quickly penniless, in debt and forced to leave their home. 
Now homeless, the farmer and his wife were are standing outside by the road wondering what to do when all the animals came down the road and stopped in front of them--the duck offered, “I’ve laid two more golden eggs, and with one of them I bought the farm back and the other paid your debt.”  “Thank you so much," the farmer thanked, “You did all that for our farm?” “Our farm??” the duck smiled.