Monday, May 5, 2014

Saying the Necessary #97

I’ve heard—there are times when it is wise to say what is necessary rather then what is expected of us.  You see?  Because what is expected is already known, tradition, and respected so we’re told.  But that which is expected is of the past, that which clings to its own making as it looks the other way from directness, fact and resolve.  You see this, don’t you?  You may hear, “I love you” but really need to hear, “we don’t get along anymore.”  Which is more important is relative, but is just as necessary for the sake of the other, however, that may be.  It isn’t for us to judge what that is.  Are we afraid to hear the, so called, truth of the matter or just what you want to hear?...It’s safer that way, isn’t it?  To not get ones feelings hurt?  Doesn’t the ego and image selfishly want to keep the relationship under its control and on this secure path?  It’s like getting slapped once, just once for that day and it’s over, then you think “It hurt once, now it’s over.”  But to get slapped everyday and not know when the last day will be?  Why do we put up with it?  What makes us say “I love you” when it should be, “I don’t love you?”  Sure, there are layers of emotional responses and so forth, but think on this—deep down underneath that “I love you” is your courage watching in doubt.  We’ve all heard it screaming, “Why didn’t I say this and not that!?!” Listen to your courage, which is battling fear, say what is necessary once and live with courage, instead of what is expected over and over with a heavy heart.